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  1. About Us

    The Omaha Quilters’ Guild is one of the largest quilting organizations in the state with over 300 members devoted to the appreciation and preservation of quilts and the perpetuation of the art and the craft of quilt making through education and participation.

    Our guild, established in 1975, is richly documented, and reminds us of our roots. The library is a wonderful source of inspiration for projects. Members enjoy popular quilting artists and authors during our programs. The annual Fall Retreat is a chance to get away from it all, with fabric and friends. Rising Stars gets members connected with other quilters, learning from each other. Small Groups are several friends sharing the joy of quilting together. Workshops taught by our speakers offer the opportunity to have hands on lessons. The annual quilt show is an opportunity for members to display their art publicly.  We have several committees whose main focus is to produce quilts or provide support for people in our community.  The Omaha Quilters’ Guild offers something for quilters of all skill levels.

    Some people are drawn to admire and collect quilts. Others enjoy the design and construction of the quilt itself. Friendships are easily formed because of a common love of quilts. Grab a friend and visit the Omaha Quilters’ Guild at our next meeting to join in on the fun.

  2. Meetings

    From September through May (except December), the Omaha Quilters’ Guild meets on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm in the

    German American Society
    3717 S 120th St
    Omaha, NE 68144

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    If school is canceled in District 66 due to weather, we will not meet. Listen to 1110am (KFAB) for school announcements or check the web site for a notice.

  3. Membership

    Becoming a member gives you access to our top-quality monthly speakers, the ability to enter your quilts into our annual quilt show, access to our library and much, much more. Annual dues are $35.00 and are not prorated. Our membership year runs from July 1 to June 30.

    For further information, contact membership@omahaquiltersguild.org

    Join OQG Online Now
    Join OQG: Form PDF Download

  4. Small Groups

    Within our guild there are several smaller, more intimate groups that have formed independent and yet, part of the larger guild.  They meet at the members’ convenience to quilt and pursue their own specific (or not so specific) interests relating to quilting.  The Small Groups Committee matches members who wish to meet and share interests in quilting outside the OQG meetings.  Stop by the Membership Table at the monthly meeting to learn more or contact  smallgroups@omahaquiltersguild.org.

    The following small groups are OPEN.

    Boys Town Mothers Guild
    Meets in in the Great Hall at Boys Towns from 9 amó3 pm on the 3rd Saturday (with some exceptions). Membership is open to anyone who would like to quilt for the benefit of Boys Town.
    Contact Jan Fry (402) 588-7840

    Contrary Quilters
    Meets a Bellevue Public Library on Tuesday Evenings
    Contact Elizabeth Kannedy  eakannedy@yahoo.com

    Crazy Quilt Support Group
    (Central & West) Meets at Lutheran Church of the Master, 2617 S 114th St. on the 2nd Saturday each month from 9:30 am to 12.
    Contact Dee Acklie (402) 391-6061 or email dee@acklie.net.

    Grateful Threads
    Meets on the 2nd and 4th  Thursdays each month at 9 am.  Meets at Millard Library
    Contact Michelle Craig (402) 895-0640

    Q Squared
    Meets on the 4th Saturday from 9 to Noon
    Contact Katie Haubrich (402) 556-3730 or email bobhaubrich@cox.net

    The following groups are not accepting new members.

    Meets in memberís homes on the 3rd Tuesday at 12:30 pm.
    Contact  Judie Zinn   zinniadesign@cox.net

    Gone To Pieces
    (Midtown) Meets at Morning Star Lutheran Church on the 1st Saturday each month from 10 am to 3 pm.
    Contact Pat Sears (402) 554-1522

    Hands All Around
    Meets on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday afternoons
    Contact Jane Fiala  (402) 592-0761

    In Stitches
    (Iowa & Omaha) Meets in members homes on the 1st Saturday each month.
    Contact Jenene Rauth (712) 554-1522

    Knot Yet
    Meets the 3rd Thursday at A Quilting Place
    Contact Annette Farquhar  (402) 393-0448   farquhar1@cox.net

    Material Girls
    Meets the 3rd Tuesday at membersí homes.
    Contact Nancy Peters (402) 597-1155

    (South & Southwest) Meets at members homes on the 1st and 3rd Monday at 10 am.
    Contact  Becky Draper

    PMS  (Piece Maker Sisters)
    Meets at memberís home
    Contact Sandy Pihlgren

    Piece Makers
    (Central) Meets at Abrams Library, 5111 N. 90th on the 1st Saturday each month plus in membersí homes on the 3rd Thursday.
    Contact Kay Sieck (402) 493-7726

    (West) Meets at the Elkhorn Library, on the 2nd Saturday each month from 10 am to 4 pm.
    Contact Nancy Wells (402) 558-7901 or email Qltingisfun@aol.com

    Show and Be Told
    Meets 2nd Tuesdays in members homes
    Contact  Liz Fleming  (402) 333-3699

  5. Officers & Committees for 2017-2018


    These positions are defined in the by-laws, and are part of the Executive Committee. Technically the immediate past president isn’t an elected officer, but is still a part of the Executive Committee.

    Position Name E-mail
    President Tammy Magill president@omahaquiltersguild.org
    President Elect Windy Benigno presidentelect@omahaquiltersguild.org
    Vice Presidents of Programming Maureen Cass
    Janelle Reed
    Corresponding Secretary Lori Lemmers csecretary@omahaquiltersguild.org
    Recording Secretary Molly Phillips rsecretary@omahaquiltersguild.org
    Treasurer Carece Harstad treas@omahaquiltersguild.org
    Advisor/Past President Angella Arndt advisor@omahaquiltersguild.org

    Standing Committees

    Members of standing committees are also officers and thus part of the Executive Committee.

    Position Name E-mail
    Historian/Photographer Darcy Jorgensen historian@omahaquiltersguild.org
    Membership Chair Patricia Epps membership@omahaquiltersguild.org
    Membership Data Michelle Craig membership@omahaquiltersguild.org
    Newsletter Editor Amy Robertson newsletter@omahaquiltersguild.org
    Quilt Show Janelle Reed
    Angella Arndt


    Members of these committees are not part of the Executive Committee, and are thus non-voting. As per our bylaws, Committees shall be appointed as needed and dissolved by the President. So if you would like to start a new committee, please contact our president.

    Position Name E-mail
    Block Exchange Barbara Andrysik blockexchange@omahaquiltersguild.org
    Bus Trip Jeanne LeBron bustrip@omahaquiltersguild.org
    Camp WannaMakeaBlankie Vicki Hoskovec camp@omahaquiltersguild.org
    Caring Friends Auction Susan McDonnell auction@omahaquiltersguild.org
    Childrens’ Emergency Fund Debbie McMillan cef@omahaquiltersguild.org
    Community Connections Angie Reed communityquilts@omahaquiltersguild.org
    Golden Thimble Award Jan Fry
    Amy Robertson
    Helping Hands Angie Reed helpinghands@omahaquiltersguild.org
    Holiday Party Angella Arndt holidayparty@omahaquiltersguild.org
    Home of the Brave Windy Benigno homeofthebrave@omahaquiltersguild.org
    Librarian Helen Nance library@omahaquiltersguild.org
    Long-Range Planning Cindy Erickson longrangeplan@omahaquiltersguild.org
    OQG Digest Marge Bresel digest@omahaquiltersguild.org
    Properties Andrea Chakravarti properties@omahaquiltersguild.org
    Quilt Mom Sandy Pihlgren
    Jo Robinson
    Quilts for Hospice Pat Varner hospicequilts@omahaquiltersguild.org
    Quilts for Veterans Kerby Selmer quiltsforvets@omahaquiltersguild.org
    Rising Stars Fran Williamson risingstars@omahaquiltersguild.org
    Santa’s Workshop Liz Fleming santasworkshop@omahaquiltersguild.org
    Small Groups Fran Williamson smallgroups@omahaquiltersguild.org
    Spring Fling Retreat Gerry Cordes springfling@omahaquiltersguild.org
    Webstitcher Amy Robertson webstitcher@omahaquiltersguild.org
  6. Communication
    The Omaha Quilters’ Guild has a few hundred members.  We provide many avenues of communication to reach our members which include this website, the OQG Facebook Page, the OQG Digest mailing list, a monthly newsletter, a membership directory, and a Corresponding Secretary to handle our post office box.  You may reach our Corresponding Secretary at secretary@omahaquiltersguild.org or P.O. Box 24614, Omaha, NE  68124-4614


    The Omaha Quilters’ Guild publishes a monthly newsletter on this website from September through June.  The purpose of the newsletter is to provide members with program information on upcoming meetings and workshops, Guild activities, local and regional quilting events, and anything else pertinent to our Guild and the promulgation of the quilting experience.


    Newsletter Archive

    Click here to view the newsletter archives of 2014 to the latest
    Click here to view the newsletter archives through May 2013.

    OQG Digest

    The OQG200102 computer digest is a great way to share information about quilting and quilting activities. Please keep in mind that the first time you announce your news it’s information and the second time it’s advertising.

    What is the OQG200102 digest?

    OQG200102 is an informal newsletter that is published for the benefit OQG members. It’s a great way to share information with over 200 OQG quilters.

    What’s included in the digest?

    Quilting tips, quilt shows, lectures & workshops, bus trips, quilting scholarships, interesting websites, pleas for missing books or fabric, quilt contests, awards, etc., notices of illnesses and deaths. Notices of quilt-related items (such as sewing machines, books, quilt frames, etc.) for sale should whenever possible be mentioned after your signature with replies to be made privately to that person. Please indicate in the subject line the content of your post.
    Ex: Subject: Library Books, Return Next Tues.
    Ex: Subject: Quilting Conference, Scholarships Available
    Ex: Marge Bresel, 1 Featherweight for sale, contact me privately
    Ex: Marge Bresel, www.mywebsite.com

    As the moderator, I reserve the right to fine tune this. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome.

    The digest ground rules:

    The purpose of OQG200102 is to share information that may be valuable to other quilters. Always include your full name when you post. This digest does not publish jokes, e-lint, recipes, e-mail hoaxes, chain letters, pop-ups, etc. OQG200102 readers never criticize, flame, or spam. This digest is for the personal use of OQG200102 subscribers.You can contact the Digest Moderator at digest@omahaquiltersguild.org.

    Join Digest


    The Omaha Quilters’ Guild has had a website since 2002. Our goal is to provide a user-friendly, paperless method of accessing the most up-to-date information about our guild and its activities. The website has been designed to meet the needs of our members and includes not only information about the guild but links to local merchants, online vendors, local shows, and other quilting links. We believe in appreciating the art and craft of quilt-making as much and as frequently as possible! Visit our site often to find information on membership to our guild, the monthly meetings, fall and spring retreats, philanthropic activities and our quilt show.

    Our website is handled and maintained by ETM Creative and content to be published should be sent to the webstitcher@omahaquiltersguild.org


    Yes, the Omaha Quilters’ Guild does have a Facebook group! Join the group here: Omaha Quilters’ Guild on Facebook

  7. History

    In October, 1975, the Omaha Squares Quilt Club and the Prairie Quilters merged membership and resources to become the Omaha Quilters’ Guild. Approximately twenty-five women met monthly and even held workshops in each others homes, teaching such skills and sharing as many ideas as were had by anyone. Carol Uebner served a two-year term as the group’s first president, and the new guild grew rapidly. (Dues were originally only $3 per year!)

    Our first quilt show was held in the spring of 1978. The first newsletter followed on March 20, 1979, and the library was established during the 1981-82 guild year. In 1986 talented OQG members designed and began to construct our own area quilt, with its official naming and unveiling ceremony held in May, 1987.

    We were incorporated in January, 1988, and received our 400th member during our April 1994 meeting. As one of the largest organizations in our state devoted to the appreciation and preservation of quilts and the perpetuation of the art and the craft of quiltmaking through education and participation, the Omaha Quilters’ Guild continues its commitment in bringing you wonderful programs, exciting annual quilt shows, and the fellowship that makes all the rest possible.

  8. Historical Documents

    Our guild historian documents our activities with photos and literature pertaining to the guild’s history. She can be seen at all guild functions with her camera and notebook. We welcome donations of photos from workshops, quilts you know and love, small member meetings and other functions where quilters gather.

    Our historian maintains a complete history – both documents and photographs – going back to our beginning in 1975. The total volume of historical information is astounding and is a true treasure for not only our Guild but for the history of quilting.

  9. Past Presidents
    Name Term
    Carol Uebner 1976 to 1978
    Kay Smith 1978 to 1980
    Nancy Koehler 1980 to 1981
    Lorraine Fitzgerald 1981 to 1982
    Shirley Ott 1982 to 1983
    Mary Johnson 1983 to 1984
    Jill Bergers 1984 to 1985
    Dianne Thomas 1985 to 1986
    Lois Gottsch 1986 to 1987
    Ann Bronson 1987 to 1988
    Merilee Hansen 1988 to 1989
    Judie Zinn 1989 to 1990
    Pat Goodroad 1990 to 1991
    Marty Eubank 1991 to 1992
    Joyce Harrop 1992 to 1993
    Jan Fry 1993 to 1994
    Cindy Erickson 1994 to 1995
    Bev Burchfield 1995 to 1996
    Deb Hysack 1996 to 1997
    Nancy Peters 1997 to 1998
    Julie Prescott 1998 to 1999
    Pat Varner 1999 to 2000
    Jamie Sculley 2000 to 2001
    Roberta Willet 2001 to 2002
    Jane Fiala 2002 to 2003
    Sandy Philgren 2003 to 2004
    Elizabeth Kannedy 2004 to 2005
    Dee Acklie 2005 to 2006
    Carol McCann 2006 to 2007
    Carolyn Marsh 2007 to 2008
    Jackie Heyne 2008 to 2009
    Kathy Havranek 2009 to 2010
    LaVonne Dunetts 2010 to 2011
    Susie Jarosz 2011 to 2012
    Corrine Mittag 2012 to 2013
    Carla Toczek 2013 to 2014
    Linda Holman 2014 to 2015
    Amy Robertson 2015 to 2016
    Angella Arndt 2016 to 2017
  10. By-Laws

    Article I: Name and Location

    The name of the organization shall be the Omaha Quilters’ Guild. It shall be a non-profit organization meeting in the Metropolitan Omaha Area.

    Article II: Purpose†

    The Omaha Quilters’ Guild is dedicated to the appreciation and preservation of quilts and the perpetuation of the art and the craft of quilt making through education and participation.

    Article III: Membership

    1. Members shall be active in some places of the art of quilting and genuinely interested in the development and preservation of such arts.
    2. Members in good standing shall have paid the annual dues as required.
    3. All members in good standing shall be eligible to vote on matters pertaining to the policies and procedures of the Guild at general meetings.
    4. Only members in good standing shall be eligible for, or hold, elected office.

    Article IV: Annual Dues

    1. Dues shall be collected to meet operational expenses of the Guild and will be reviewed by the Executive Committee as needed.
    2. Dues are to be paid each year on or before the September general meeting.
    3. Potential members may attend two meetings before dues are required. After two visits, an invitation to join shall be extended for membership.
    4. Membership dues shall be required for entrance at the third meeting attended.
    5. Persons joining the Guild at any time during the year shall pay the full annual dues.

    Article V: Business Year and Meetings

    1. The general meetings shall be held nine times during the fiscal year. The fiscal year shall be from 1 July through 30 June.
    2. All meetings of the Omaha Quilters’ Guild shall be run by the Newly Revised Robert’s Rules of Order.

    Article VI Officers and Their Duties

    The business of the Guild shall be transacted through regular officers: a President, a President Elect, a Vice President of Programming, a Recording Secretary, a Corresponding Secretary, a Treasurer, and the Standing Committees. The Executive Committee shall be composed of the officers of the Guild and the immediate Past President, with the President serving as Chairman.

    1. The President shall:

    1. Preside at all meetings
    2. Call and preside at executive meetings as needed.
    3. In the absence of the Recording Secretary and/or Treasurer, appoint an individual to serve pro-term.
    4. Appoint the committee chairpersons and coordinate the activities of all the committees.
    5. Perform all other incidental dues of the office as required.

    2. The President Elect shall:

    1. Assist the President and exercise all functions of the President in her absence.
    2. Be responsible for chairing a nominating committee which shall choose a slate of officers for the upcoming year.
    3. Perform all other incidental duties of the office as required.

    3. The Vice President(s) of Programming shall:

    1. Be responsible for planning programs of interest for presentation to the general membership at monthly meetings.
    2. Be responsible for planning workshops/seminars of interest to the general membership at times in addition to monthly meetings.
    3. Shall be filled by two officers serving two year terms to begin on alternating years. One term begins in odd years and one term begins in even years.

    4. The Recording Secretary shall:

    1. Keep records of all general and executive committee meetings.
    2. Perform all other incidental duties of the office as required.

    5. The Corresponding Secretary shall:

    1. Handle correspondence.
    2. Perform all other incidental duties of the office as required.

    6. The Treasurer shall:

    1. Have charge of all funds, receive dues, and disburse monies upon authorization of the executive committee and shall enter all transactions upon the ledger.
    2. Make reports at the general meetings as to the status of the treasury and submit same to the Recording Secretary on a monthly basis.
    3. Perform all other incidental duties of the office as required.

    Article VII: Nominations, Elections, and Terms of Office

    1. The Nominating Committee shall be chaired by the President Elect and further consist of one Past President, one executive committee member, a membership committee member, and two members-at-large.
    2. A slate of candidates shall be presented by the Nominating committee at the March meeting.
    3. The election of officers shall be conducted by acclamation or by ballot at the April meeting; terms will begin on 1 July.
    4. The term of office shall be one year, except for the Treasurer and a Recording Secretary, which are two years terms elected on alternate years. The terms for the two Vice Presidents of Programming are defined in Article VI, paragraph 3.
    5. Outgoing officers and committee chairmen shall turn over all books, files and data of the Guild pertinent to the office to their successors. The Treasurer and the Recording Secretary shall submit an annual report to the President Elect.
    6. Vacancies in any office, with the exception of President, shall be immediately filled by the Executive Committee for the unexpired terms.
    7. Attendance of an officer shall be mandatory. Any officer missing more than two consecutive board or general meetings without showing just cause shall forfeit her office and be replaced.

    Article VIII: Duties of Committees

    1. Committees shall be appointed as needed and dissolved by the President.
    2. Each committee chairman shall submit duplicate written reports to the President Elect at the end of her term. One report shall be retained by the President elect (President for the new year) and the other shall be part of the records turned over as designated in Article VII, section E.
    3. The Standing Committees can only be dissolved the Executive Committee, and shall consist of the following committees: Quilt Show, Newsletter, Membership, Historian and†Education/Speaker’s Bureau.

    Article IX: Quorum

    For the conduct of business, a quorum shall be constituted by 25% of the members in good standing.

    Article X: Amendments

    1. 1. May be proposed by any member.
    2. 2. Amendments shall be presented at a general meeting and voted upon at the next general meeting.
    3. 3. Voting shall be by voice or show of hands.
    4. 4. An amendment is carried by a simple majority of those present and eligible to vote.
  11. Policies

    Advertising Policies

    1. All advertising must be directly related to quilting, quilting education and/or products or services related to quilting/sewing.  Quilt related activities of other guilds and/or related organization will be listed as space permits.
    2. All advertisements must be submitted to the newsletter editor and approved by the executive board members.  Once approved, the ad will be posted in the next available newsletter.  The editor/board reserves the right to refuse advertisements at its discretion.
    3. Advertisements will be limited to a 3.5″ x 2″ size.
    4. Fees to place an advertisement in the newsletter will be reasonable and determined by the executive board for the current fiscal year.
    5. Members who wish to bring flyers advertising quilting or other events to meetings may place their flyers at the membership table (as space permits).  These may not be distributed in the meeting room, or on the chairs, and must be removed from the membership table at the end of the evening.  Flyers may not be placed on vehicles in parking lots at OQG events.  Any flyers not picked up at the end of the night will be disposed of.
    6. No announcements or advertisements may be made during the meeting without prior approval from the President.  The only exception to this policy is if another guild or nonprofit group is selling raffle tickets on a quilt, in which case the quilt may be shown during the Celebration of Quilting portion of the program, with an announcement that raffle tickets are available.
    7. No individual or group shall be allowed to sell any merchandise or service in the confines of the space leased for meetings/shows/workshops by the OQG during such events.  The only exception to this policy is speakers/teachers who have made arrangements to have their merchandise for sale to OQG members and guests.
    8. The Information Table is for other not for profit groups to display materials about their group and their events.

    Quilt Show Policies

    To enter an item in the annual OQG quilt show, you must be a member of the Omaha Quilters’ Guild by the date quilt entry forms are due. Full fee membership ($35.00) will be required if you wish to have your quilt judged.
    Rules governing judging, country store, and other quilt show policies shall be at the discretion of the show chairman and her committee.
    The OQG Raffle Quilt and the Nebraska State Guild Raffle Quilt are the only raffle quilts for which rickets may be sold at the show.
    Only vendors who have been selected by the Vendor Chair and Quilt Show chair and have agreed to have a booth at the show will be allowed to distribute materials at the show.
    The Information Table is for other not for profit groups to display materials about their group and their events.
    Members of the executive board of OQG are the only ones who may sign contracts for the show.

    Web Page Policy

    At the current time, there is no advertising on the guild website. Links and Events must be submitted to the webstitcher by an Omaha Quilters’ Guild member in good standing to be considered for placement.

    Deposit Policy

    Deposit received for classes or events should not be considered refundable within 2 weeks of the class or event.  However, the deposit can be transferred to another person at any time.

    Snow Policy

    Our snow policy is that of District 66 Schools. If school is canceled in District 66 due to weather, we will not meet. Listen to 1110 am (KFAB) for school announcements.

  12. The Golden Thimble Award
      • This award was created in the 2010-2011 OQG year by Dee Acklie, Jane Fiala, & Carol McCann. The guild’s past presidents took over funding for it starting the 2011-2012 guild year.  The annual award strives to recognize a current OQG Member who has made an outstanding contribution in either Leadership, Community Outreach in the name of OQG or a contribution to the quilting community.
      • Nominations can only be made by on OQG member and are submitted each spring by April 15th to the yearly Selection Committee. Call for nominations will appear on the OQG website.
      • Award will be given based on merit, not as a popularity contest or greatest number of nominations.  The Award will be presented at the May Meeting.
      • More than 1 person may be considered as deserving the award each year. It is up to the committee to set number of awards given each year up to 3 awards.
      • The list of nominees will not be made public. Only the winner(s) will be announced. A nominee who does not receive the award can be re-nominated the following year. Submissions will not be carried over from year to year.
      • The Golden Thimble committee this year consists of Elizabeth Kannedy and Jackie Heyne. You have until April 15th to send your nominations via email to goldenthimble@omahaquiltersguild.org or via the post to: Elizabeth Kannedy, 13308 S 33rd Street, Bellevue, NE 68123-2369

    Past Winners

    2011                      Roberta Willet & Lorraine Fitzgerald
    2012                      Angie Reed & Jan Fry
    2013                      Pat Sears
    2014                      Michelle Craig
    2015                      Becky Draper
    2016                      Andi Chakravarti
    2017 Cindy Erickson

Board Docs

  1. 2018 Board Reports

    Treasurer Reports

    Meeting Minutes

    • Coming Soon

    Board Minutes

  2. 2017 Board Reports
  3. 2016 Board Reports
  4. 2015 Board Reports
  5. 2014 Board Reports
  6. 2013 Board Reports
  7. Board Forms


    Send a copy of your report to the President@omahaquiltersguild.org as well as the webstitcher@omahaquiltersguild.org so that the website can be updated at least monthly.