Tips and Tricks

There are some “quick key strokes” that work on almost every PC that you might find very handy. The first one is a Ctrl-C, which copies anything that you have highlighted with your mouse.

Ctrl-X, cuts everything you have highlighted and Ctrl-V, pastes everything you have either copied or cut.

This is very handy when don't want to retype a long paragraph or it's important that you have a series of numbers without any possibility of mistake. It's easy to do and you can paste the information into either a word processing program, a spreadsheet program, notepad or even your email address book.

If you need to share a document over the internet, Portable Document Format or PDF is one of your best choices. Most modern computers come preloaded with the free Adobe Reader used to view such files. And while more and more word processors are gaining the export or save to PDF option, there is a free program that acts like a printer and "prints" things into PDF files. You just print and select CutePDF as the printer. It creates a PDF file instead of printing and asks where you want to save the file. Now you can create your own PDF file or when you fill in your forms you can save them AND send an email copy to us.

Cute PDF logo

If you'd like to download this product, we can recommend it. we've been using it for several years with no problems. It is adware and malware free. There are 2 files to download. A free download and a free converter. Click on the logo to go to the site and run both programs.

When typing in and filling out an online form, use the Tab key to take your cursor to the next line in the form. Easier than taking your fingers off the keyboard and using the mouse to go to the next blank line.
(contributed by Cynthia J. 8.20.06)

Telephone trick - If you call someone you know, and want to skip the “please leave a message” recording, hit the pound key ( # ) on the phone, and you will go directly to the beep. This works for most land line voice mail systems (Qwest), and many businesses. Does NOT work for personal answering machines, or cell phone voice mail.
(contributed by Cynthia J. 8.20.06)

Need a bigger font? Having a hard time reading the information on the internet? Many common modern browsers have a zoom setting or means of increasing text size available off the View menu. It's becoming a trend to hide the menu bar, but the option to turn it on usually exists. In Firefox, go to the orange Firefox tab in the upper left, then to options, and checkmark Menu Bar. Safari Users will need to click on the gear in the upper right corner and click on 'Show Menu Bar'.

Acrobat Reader and Microsoft Power Point Reader are both FREE programs to download and are used by a lot of sites on the internet, including ours.

If you do not have them on your computer, click the underlined names above and follow the directions to install them.

Need a bigger view of your internet page? Use the F11 button! It toggles your browser window to FULL SCREEN and back again to the regular view (tested successfully on Firefox 7, Internet Explorer 8 & 9, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari 5.1.1). Try it now - click on the keyboard F11 key and see the screen change. Click it again and see it go back. Really handy when looking at OQG pictures.

GOOGLE ALERTS - the search engine Google will send you an email alert on any subject you desire. If you want to know about any new postings, follow this link and enter the information. Try it - it works!