a group shot of our past presidents taken at the luncheon in 2011

Past Presidents

Carol Uebner1976 to 1978Kay Smith1978 to 1980Nancy Koehler1980 to 1981
Lorraine Fitzgerald1981 to 1982Shirley Ott1982 to 1983Mary Johnson1983 to 1984
Jill Bergers1984 to 1985Dianne Thomas1985 to 1986Lois Gottsch1986 to 1987
Ann Bronson1987 to 1988Merilee Hansen1988 to 1989Judie Zinn1989 to 1990
Pat Goodroad1990 to 1991Marty Eubank1991 to 1992Joyce Harrop1992 to 1993
Jan Fry1993 to 1994Cindy Erickson1994 to 1995Bev Burchfield1995 to 1996
Deb Hysack1996 to 1997Nancy Peters1997 to 1998Julie Prescott1998 to 1999
Pat Varner1999 to 2000Jamie Sculley2000 to 2001Roberta Willet2001 to 2002
Jane Fiala2002 to 2003Sandy Philgren2003 to 2004Elizabeth Kannedy2004 to 2005
Dee Acklie2005 to 2006Carol McCann2006 to 2007Carolyn Marsh2007 to 2008
Jackie Heyne2008 to 2009Kathy Havranek2009 to 2010LaVonne Dunetts2010 to 2011
Susie Jarosz2011 to 2012Corrine Mittag2012 to 2013