Advertising Policies

1.       All advertising must be directly related to quilting, quilting education and/or products or services related to quilting/sewing.  Quilt related activities of other guilds and/or related organization will be listed as space permits.
2.      All advertisements must be submitted to the newsletter editor and approved by the executive board members.  Once approved, the ad will be posted in the next available newsletter.  The editor/board reserves the right to refuse advertisements at its discretion.
3.      Advertisements will be limited to a 3.5” x 2” size.
4.      Fees to place an advertisement in the newsletter will be reasonable and determined by the executive board for the current fiscal year.
5.      Members who wish to bring flyers advertising quilting or other events to meetings may place their flyers at the membership table (as space permits).  These may not be distributed in the meeting room, or on the chairs, and must be removed from the membership table at the end of the evening.  Flyers may not be placed on vehicles in parking lots at OQG events.  Any flyers not picked up at the end of the night will be disposed of.
6.      No announcements or advertisements may be made during the meeting without prior approval from the President.  The only exception to this policy is if another guild or nonprofit group is selling raffle tickets on a quilt, in which case the quilt may be shown during the Celebration of Quilting portion of the program, with an announcement that raffle tickets are available.
7.      No individual or group shall be allowed to sell any merchandise or service in the confines of the space leased for meetings/shows/workshops by the OQG during such events.  The only exception to this policy is speakers/teachers who have made arrangements to have their merchandise for sale to OQG members and guests.


Quilt Show Policies

  1. To enter an item in the annual OQG quilt show, you must be a member of the Omaha Quilters' Guild by the date quilt entry forms are due. Full fee membership ($35.00) will be required if you wish to have your quilt judged.
  2. Rules governing judging, country store, and other quilt show policies shall be at the discretion of the show chairman and her committee.
  3. The OQG Raffle Quilt and the Nebraska State Guild Raffle Quilt are the only raffle quilts for which rickets may be sold at the show.
  4. Only vendors who have been selected by the Vendor Chair and Quilt Show chair and have agreed to have a booth at the show will be allowed to distribute materials at the show.
  5. The Information Table is for other not for profit groups to display materials about their group and their events.
  6. Members of the executive board of OQG are the only ones who may sign contracts for the show.

Web Page Policy

At the current time, there is no advertising on the guild website. Links and Events must be submitted to the webmaster by an Omaha Quilters' Guild member in good standing to be considered for placement.

Snow Policy

Our snow policy is that of District 66 Schools. If school is canceled in District 66 due to weather, we will not meet. Listen to 1110 am (KFAB) for school announcements.