the library table

The library committee hopes you are enjoying the library list on our web page. We are currently processing some new donations. We will have them marked, cataloged, classified and on the shelf soon. Thank you to all those who donated books this year and in the past. Currently our carts are literally overflowing with books. So please drop by and check out a couple. Just remember to return them. Thanks!!

Although the list you see on the web contains magazines, we no longer keep have them because they are so fragile and because of space issues.

The Omaha Quilters' Guild has a library of more than 800 volumes. These books, magazines and videos cover every aspect of the quiltmaking process, from designing and fabric selection to signing and labeling. And there are more than a few “picture” books and other reference works to increase our knowledge about historically significant quilts and their makers. We are constantly adding to our library through purchase and donations.

Each member may select three books, magazines, or tapes per month and is asked to return them at the next monthly meeting so that other members may have access to all selections at every meeting. There are currently no penalties or fines for forgetting, and most members observe a “Golden Rule” approach to getting everything back on time and in perfect condition. Books may also be checks out over the summer months at the May meeting. These are due back the following September.