The Golden Thimble Award

At the May 2013 OQG General meeting Committee Members Jane Fiala, Elizabeth Kannedy and Jackie Heyne announced that the 2013 recipient of the Golden Thimble was Pat Sears.

The OGQ has benefited from the leadership of Pat in many areas but primarily as the leader of our Children's Emergency Fund efford that is now in it's 21 years. Pats has exemplified community service and outreach and her contributions to the community cannot be quantified. Congratulations to our 2013 Golden Thimble
Award winner Pat Sears.

The Golden Thimble committee this year consists of Elizabeth Kannedy and Jackie Heyne. You have until April 15th to send your nominations via email to or via the post to

Elizabeth Kannedy
13308 S 33rd Street
Bellevue, NE 68123-2369

Name: Golden Thimble Award

Specifics: Annual Award

Nomination Process

  1. Nominations can only be made by on OQG member.

  2. Nominees must be OQG members.
  3. Nominations will be submitted each spring by April 15 to Selection Committee.
  4. Call for nominations will appear in the March newsletter and on the OQG website.


Current OQG Member

Outstanding contribution in one or more of the below areas:

  • Leadership,
  • Community Outreach or service in the name of OQG,
  • Contribution to the Quilting Community.


A committee of 3 past presidents will serve as the final selection committee.

Award will be given based on merit — not as a popularity contest or greatest number of nominations.

Awards will be given at the May meeting.

More than 1 person may be considered as deserving the award each year. It is up to the committee to set number of awards given each year up to 3 awards.

The list of nominees should not be made public. Only the winner(s) should be announced. A nominee who does not receive the award can be re-nominated the following year. Submissions will not be carried over from year to year.

This award was created in the 2010–2011 OQG year by Dee Acklie, Jane Fiala, & Carol McCann. The guild's past presidents took over funding for it starting the 2011–2012 guild year.


Past Winners
Year Winners
2011 Roberta Willet & Lorraine Fitzgerald
2012Angie Reed & Jan Fry
2013Pat Sears