Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I join the Omaha Quilters' Guild?
You can attend a monthly meeting and join at the membership table when you first come in or you can go to the membership page on this website and get an application there to mail in.

I want to get more involved with OQG — maybe volunteer at the Quilt Show. Who can I talk to about this?
If you have some idea what committee you would like to serve on, you can contact the committee chairman directly. If you just want to help out, let the membership committee know.

When is the Quilt Show?
The dates of the quilt show change each year. Check the Quilt Show page for updates about the show.

What exactly is the Quilt Show Challenge?
Each year, a member of the guild volunteers to “Challenge” the rest of the guild to create a quilt or quilted item based on a set of rules. The finished “Challenge” quilts are displayed at the quilt show and creative ribbons are awarded by the Challenge Committee.

Does the Guild support local charities?
Do we ever! We support children who are removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect with our Children's Emergency Fund Project. We also support Hospice. In addition, our Helping Hands and Community Connections committees accept donations of fabric, blocks, & time to make quilts to give to other worthwhile causes.

When did the OQG start and who was the first president?
The Guild was started in September 1975 and a history, including a list of past presidents, can be found on the History page.

Do we have a goal?
The Omaha Quilters' Guild is dedicated to the appreciation of the art and the craft of quiltmaking through education and participation.

I keep hearing about the Children's Emergency Fund. What's that all about?
The Guild's December meeting is dedicated to raising funds and awareness of children who have been removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect. Over a potluck dinner, we come together to give back some of the blessings that we have received during the year. Funds and donations from this event are delivered to Nebraska Children's Services the day after our meeting. The events are covered in detail on the Children's Relief Fund page.

What is a Rising Star and when do they meet?
A Rising Star is anyone - new or old member - who wants to know more about the Guild and about quilting techniques. They meet at 6:00 pm, just prior to the regularly scheduled Guild Meeting. Want to know more?, click here.

I'm new to the guild and I'd like to find some friends, can you help me?
The Small Groups Committee sounds like the answer for you. With over 400 members, we could never ALL get together and quilt so there are lots of “small groups” of quilters who meet to quilt and build friendships.

Who picks the vendors at the quilt show?
Vendors send in applications for the booths we have available (the application is available after the first of the year on the Quilt Show page) and the Quilt Show Chairs and Vendor Chairman select vendors based on type and variety of merchandise. They try very hard to get as much variety as possible for show attendees. Our show is highly regarded among the vendors and competition is great. A final list of participating vendors will be posted on the Quilt Show page once the contracts are finalized.

Why is being tall so important to our Guild?
Well, frankly, because most of us are so short.
Every month we have a Show and Tell program that involves displaying our newly finished quilts for the entire guild to oooo and ahhhhh over. How can we see them if our “holders and folders” are 5'2" tall? If you are 5'8" or taller, you will find people smiling at you and offering you a seat up front, close to the stage. Don't be bashful! The “holders and folders” get a close up look at the quilts that most of us will never have. Volunteer and we will be forever in your debt.

How can I volunteer for a OQG Board position?
Contact our President. She'll be glad to hear from you.

Why don't we have a 'boutique' at the Quilt Show?
We have had boutique's in the past but that pesky sales tax problem made accounting difficult and profit was very small. It was decided that we could make more money from the space if we rented it to a vendor.

What is the online digest?
OQG200102 is a Yahoo Group. If you are a member of the Guild, you can get membership to this group. You can post messages on line and receive them via email as they come in or as a daily “digest” that is delivered to your email once a day. It's a great form of communication because it is immediate.

Does the Guild ever sponsor bus trips?
OQG frequently sponsors bus trips. They are usually in the early fall. Check the website for upcoming trips. They are very popular and fill up fast!

I just want to quilt. Do I have to do anything else?
Absolutely not. Each member gets as involved as they want to be. At a minimum, if you attend the meetings you will get to see a mini-quilt show each month with our Show & Tell sesson, and see our speakers explain quilting techniques.

What is an “Opportunity Quilt”?
It's our annual Raffle Quilt but don't call it that. Raffle sounds like gambling - Opportunity is, well Opportunity! Tickets are on sale now and this years quilt is a beauty! Take a look.

Why are there pictures of other quilt shows on our website?
It turns out that some quilters are also very good with a camera. They are nice enough to share the pictures they take at these shows with us. As quilters, we all love quilts and we don't care where the quilt shows are, we want to see the quilts.

Why doesn't the membership booklet include the discounts from Area Merchants?
Answer from a Digest Post by Dee Acklie, Guild President 2005-06:

“We have found over the past year that several shops no longer gave the discount or gave it sporadically.

You each received a membership card when you got your membership booklet. Ask shops if they honor a discount for quilt guild membership. One of the chain stores which has always given me my OQG discount, when asked told us they did not give nor is it company policy to give such a discount. I had received my discount that very afternoon prior to the phone call.

Many of the quilt shops have fabric cards or other means of collecting receipts. Ask! All are more than willing to share their plan. I know I have a bevy of those cards in my wallet. We are not trying to leave any one in the dark-however it is difficult to say this discount exists when it is not consistent.”

What if it is snowing - do I come to the meeting anyway??
Our official policy is that if District 66 Schools are closed - we won't have a meeting. We've canceled meetings very few times in 30 years but it does happen. Listen to KFAB (1110 am) for school closings. If for some reason, it starts accumulating after District 66 closes, check the Digest or the website for an announcement. Bottom line - be safe.

I have been trying for several weeks to get in on the Online Digest and it always just says my membership is pending. How can I get on?
When applying for membership in OQG200102 please state your full name on the Yahoo form. Only OQG members are in this group. Every name is checked to make sure it is on the current OQG membership list. If you only give us your YahooID and email, we can't contact you. If you are having problems getting on the list, please contact the list-owner or the webmaster

If I am working on a committee and incur an expense on behalf of the guild, how do I get reimbursed?
Online you will find a voucher that much be submitted to the treasurer for both any deposits you make or any expenses that need to be reimbursed. This voucher needs to be signed by the committee chairman that authorized the expense. In addition, supporting information needs to be supplied. We are a 501(3) C charitable corporation and endeavor to keep accurate records for both the IRS and other government agencies.