Community Connections

Community Connections is the umbrella under which most of our community outreach programs operate.

Although the other committees under Community Connections continue to operate, an overall coordinating Chairman is needed. This position is a truly giving one where you can clearly see the results of your good work.






The Boystown Project, the on-going Hospice projects, Quilts of Valor, and numerous other local and national charitable causes are served under this category.

In addition, donation quilts for charitable auctions are handled by this committee. Do you know of a group that would benefit from the donation of a quilt for their auction? We try to help non-profit groups if we possibly can.

Reaching beyond ourselves enriches our lives. Please join us in serving our wonderful Omaha community.

Susan G. Komen for the Cure Project Linus - Providing Security Through Blankets ConKerr Cancer - A case for smiles

ConKerr Cancer has a mission to brighten the lives of sick children in hospitals through homemade pillowcases. You can help.

Read about them by printing this flyer and making a pillowcase. Take your choice of pillowcase patterns. There is one in the flyer and one called Hot Dog Pillowcase that was donated to the cause. Or, you can use your own pattern. Visit their website