• Article I — Name and Location
    The name of the organization shall be the Omaha Quilters' Guild. It shall be a non-profit organization meeting in the Metropolitan Omaha Area.
  • Article II — Purpose
    The Omaha Quilters' Guild is dedicated to the appreciation and preservation of quilts and the perpetuation of the art and the craft of quilt making through education and participation.
  • Article III — Membership
    1. Members shall be active in some places of the art of quilting and genuinely interested in the development and preservation of such arts.
    2. Members in good standing shall have paid the annual dues as required.
    3. All members in good standing shall be eligible to vote on matters pertaining to the policies and procedures of the Guild at general meetings.
    4. Only members in good standing shall be eligible for, or hold, elected office.
  • Article IV — Annual Dues
    1. Dues shall be collected to meet operational expenses of the Guild and will be reviewed by the Executive Committee as needed.
    2. Dues are to be paid each year on or before the September general meeting.
    3. Potential members may attend two meetings before dues are required. After two visits, an invitation to join shall be extended for membership. Membership dues shall be required for entrance at the third meeting attended.
    4. Persons joining the Guild at any time during the year shall pay the full annual dues.
  • Article V — Business Year and Meetings
    1. The general meetings shall be held nine times during the fiscal year. The fiscal year shall be from 1 July through 30 June.
    2. All meetings of the Omaha Quilters' Guild shall be run by the Newly Revised Robert's Rules of Order.
  • Article VI — Officers and Their Duties
    The business of the Guild shall be transacted through regular officers: a President, a President Elect, a Vice President of Programming, a Recording Secretary, a Corresponding Secretary, a Treasurer, and the Standing Committees. The Executive Committee shall be composed of the officers of the Guild and the immediate Past President, with the President serving as Chairman.
    1. The President shall:
      1. Preside at all meetings
      2. Call and preside at executive meetings as needed.
      3. In the absence of the Recording Secretary and/or Treasurer, appoint an individual to serve pro-term.
      4. Appoint the committee chairpersons and coordinate the activities of all the committees.
      5. Perform all other incidental dues of the office as required.
    2. The President Elect shall:
      1. Assist the President and exercise all functions of the President in her absence.
      2. Be responsible for chairing a nominating committee which shall choose a slate of officers for the upcoming year.
      3. Perform all other incidental duties of the office as required.
    3. The Vice President of Programming
      1. Be responsible for planning programs of interest for presentation to the general membership at monthly meetings.
      2. Be responsible for planning workshops/seminars of interest to the general membership at times in addition to monthly meetings.
    4. The Recording Secretary shall:
      1. Keep records of all general and executive committee meetings.
      2. Perform all other incidental duties of the office as required.
    5. The Corresponding Secretary shall:
      1. Handle correspondence.
      2. Perform all other incidental duties of the office as required.
    6. The Treasurer shall:
      1. Have charge of all funds, receive dues, and disburse monies upon authorization of the executive committee and shall enter all transactions upon the ledger.
      2. Make reports at the general meetings as to the status of the treasury and submit same to the Recording Secretary on a monthly basis.
      3. Perform all other incidental duties of the office as required.
  • Article VII — Nominations, Elections, and Terms of Office
    1. The Nominating Committee shall be chaired by the President Elect and further consist of one Past President, one executive committee member, a membership committee member, and two members-at-large.
    2. A slate of candidates shall be presented by the Nominating committee at the March meeting.
    3. The election of officers shall be conducted by acclamation or by ballot at the April meeting; terms will begin on 1 July.
    4. The term of office shall be one year, except for the Treasurer and Recording Secretary, which are two years terms elected on alternate years.
    5. Outgoing officers and committee chairmen shall turn over all books, files and data of the Guild pertinent to the office to their successors. The Treasurer and the Recording Secretary shall submit an annual report to the President Elect.
    6. Vacancies in any office, with the exception of President, shall be immediately filled by the Executive Committee for the unexpired terms.
    7. Attendance of an officer shall be mandatory. Any officer missing more than two consecutive board or general meetings without showing just cause shall forfeit her office and be replaced.
  • Article VIII — Duties of Committees
    1. Committees shall be appointed as needed and dissolved by the President.
    2. Each committee chairman shall submit duplicate written reports to the President Elect at the end of her term. One report shall be retained by the President elect (President for the new year) and the other shall be part of the records turned over as designated in Article VII, section E.
    3. The Standing Committees can only be dissolved the Executive Committee, and shall consist of the following committees: Quilt Show, Newsletter, Membership, Historian and Education/Speaker's Bureau.
  • Article IX — Quorum
    For the conduct of business, a quorum shall be constituted by 25% of the members in good standing.
  • Article X — Amendments
    1. May be proposed by any member.
    2. Amendments shall be presented at a general meeting and voted upon at the next general meeting.
    3. Voting shall be by voice or show of hands.
    4. An amendment is carried by a simple majority of those present and eligible to vote.