We still need the positions of President Elect and Quilt Show Chair to be filled for the coming year. I hear over and over, “maybe next year” or “someone will step up, they always do”. That’s always been true in the past but what happens if no one steps up this year? I don’t want to think about how awful it would be not having a quilt show. Hundreds of people view our show each year and purchase from our vendors. The money we raise goes to fund our philanthropic programs throughout the year. Programs such as Home of the Brave, providing quilts to families of fallen soldiers, Quilts of Valor, providing quilts to our returning heros, Helping Hands and Community Connections providing quilts for charity auctions, families in need throughout our community, Children’s Emergency Fund providing thousands of dollars to the foster children in our city. The list is too big to name everything here. This is just a sampling.

I agree the titles of President and Quilt Show chair are scary! In reality these two positions are rather easy. I’m not kidding about this. We do have amazing people working on committees in our guild, very amazing! So much so that the president and quilt show chair mainly just have to hold meetings and listen to everything that those amazing people are doing. The quilt show chair can easily be a shared position.

President Elect position works like this: the first year is a learning year. You go to board meetings, get someone to make the Opportunity Quilt for the year you are president (the board pays for the materials for this) and select the board members and committee chairs for the next year. You do have the whole year to do these things.the second year to chair a board meeting once per month and the general meeting. Both of these things are mainly letting everyone tell about what they are working on. The third year you attend board meetings and are there as an adviser to the current president.

Please think about this very seriously and feel free to contact webstitcher@omahaquiltersguild.org
or any of the past or present board members with any questions.

Thanks so much!!
– Amy Robertson